Ms. Robin McDonald

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Wow! Another beautiful weekend! I hope you have all been able to get out and enjoy it! :)

We are continuing our work with our animal/habitat research. This is being worked on through writing, reading, tech and, of course, science.

Speaking of tech, we have 30 chrome books for all three 2nd grade classes to share. I know a couple of kids have mentioned having their own devices to bring to school to use. One has already been set up, using Jeffco setup, and is ready for use.

If your child has a device that they can bring, they won't need to be dependent on sharing the ten devices we have for 24 students. 

Mrs. T, in the library, can help your child get their device ready to use at school. 

Your child should be working on the list of 10 words that was sent home. There are 7 words that address the skill of adding -s or -es to the end of a word to make it plural, and 3 trick words. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  :) 

Wednesday, November 15th - 
Report cards will come home in Friday folders. Please remember to have your child return their Friday folder, AFTER it has had everything taken out. When you receive your child's report card, please return ONLY the envelope. The report card is yours to keep. Also, please remember that a '2' is not a 'poor' grade. A '2' is 'making progress toward standard'. That means your child is working and IS making progress. A '3' means they are right where they need to be. A '4' means they are performing a FULL grade level ahead, consistently. If you have any questions, after seeing your child's report card, please ask. 

November 25th - 29th is Thanksgiving Break. 

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