Mr. Grundy’s 1/2 GT Class Homework

Week of April 22, 2019

Monday, April 22,- (Art Day 1)  - Spelling: Review your words and the spelling pattern on your list. Find at least two other word examples of each Suffix. Write a sentence for each suffix. (ful / ness / less / combo) Practice your list of words through the week for a test on Friday.

Tuesday, April 23, - (Art) --Write a paragraph - Write down an introduction, three details with transition words and a conclusion about one thing you got on Easter.

Wednesday, April 24, - (Music) - Math - Work will come home today.

Thursday, April 25, - (Music) My own timeline. Think of at least 5 important things that have occurred in your life and create a personal timeline from birth to now.

Friday, April 26, - (P.E. Day 1) - No Homework!

Have a nice week.